Cedar Shoe Tree

The Timeless Elegance of Cedar Shoe Trees: A Perfect Investment for Your Shoes


When it comes to maintaining the longevity and shape of your beloved footwear, investing in a quality shoe tree is essential. Among the many options available, cedar shoe trees stand out as an exceptional choice due to their unique properties and numerous benefits. In this blog post, we’ll explore the fascinating world of cedar shoe trees, their advantages, and why they are a perfect investment for your shoes.

  1. What is a Cedar Shoe Tree?

A cedar shoe tree is a wooden shoe insert designed to be placed inside shoes when they are not being worn. Its primary purpose is to help retain the shoe’s shape, minimize creasing, and absorb moisture and odors. Cedar, a type of wood known for its aromatic scent and natural repellent properties, is the ideal material for this purpose.

  1. The Benefits of Cedar Shoe Trees

A. Moisture Absorption: Cedar shoe trees play a crucial role in absorbing excess moisture that accumulates inside your shoes during wear. Moisture can lead to the development of bacteria and fungi, causing unpleasant odors and potentially damaging the shoe’s materials. By using cedar shoe trees, you can maintain a dry and fresh environment for your shoes.

B. Odor Control: Cedar wood contains natural aromatic oils that release a pleasant scent when the shoe tree is inserted. This aroma not only keeps your shoes smelling great but also acts as a deterrent to pesky insects, such as moths, that may be attracted to the odor of sweat and leather.

C. Preserve Shoe Shape: Constant wear and pressure on shoes can cause them to lose their original shape and form creases, particularly in leather shoes. Cedar shoe trees help stretch the leather gently, preventing creases and prolonging the shoe’s overall lifespan.

D. Minimize Wrinkling: When not worn, shoes are often stored in boxes or placed in tight spaces, leading to wrinkles and deformations. Cedar shoe trees help maintain the shoe’s natural contours, preventing unsightly wrinkles and creases.

  1. Choosing the Right Cedar Shoe Tree

When selecting cedar shoe trees, keep the following factors in mind:

A. Correct Size: Ensure that the shoe tree is the right size for your footwear. Most shoe trees are adjustable to fit a range of shoe sizes, but it’s essential to choose the closest fit to your shoe size to get the most benefit.

B. Quality of Cedar: Look for shoe trees made from 100% natural cedar wood. High-quality cedar ensures maximum moisture absorption and odor control, as well as providing longevity to the shoe tree itself.

C. Split-toe Design: Consider shoe trees with a split-toe design, allowing for better stretching and adjusting to the shoe’s width, ensuring a snug fit.

  1. How to Use Cedar Shoe Trees Properly

Using cedar shoe trees correctly is crucial to reap their full benefits:

A. Insert the shoe trees immediately after removing your shoes, while they are still warm from wear. This helps the shoe trees stretch the leather effectively.

B. Avoid overstretching by using shoe trees that are slightly smaller than your shoe size if you have a more narrow shoe.

C. Regularly clean and maintain your cedar shoe trees to preserve their aromatic properties. Lightly sand the surface if necessary to refresh the scent.


In summary, cedar shoe trees are not just a practical accessory but also a long-term investment for maintaining the quality and appearance of your shoes. Their ability to absorb moisture, control odors, preserve shape, and prevent wrinkles makes them indispensable for any shoe enthusiast. By following the tips for choosing and using cedar shoe trees, you can extend the life of your favorite footwear and enjoy the timeless elegance they bring to your shoe care routine.

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