Here are Some of The Best Shoes For Wedding 2023

Best Shoes For Wedding

There is no doubt that one of the most delicate and challenging items to buy for your wedding day is the shoes. Many brides are encountering difficulties in making the last best choice in this field.

No wedding attire is complete without a pair of elegant wedding shoes. These tiny items are an essential part of your bridal ensemble as they add the perfect finish touch to your dress.

A pair of high heel shoes can add more elegance and height to your figure and provide you with a more stylish silhouette.

Flat shoes are not adequate or recommended for petite brides or for those who want a high class dainty look.

Choosing the right pair of shoes for your wedding depends on the type of wedding you guys are having.

The right size hell, the color, the fabric and texture – these are all important criteria to consider in this sense.

Many women of today have convinced themselves that it’s not all about high thin heels, but also about the comfort.

Your wedding day will be long and complex and this is why you need to find a pair of shoes that can offer you both elegance and comfortableness.

Shoes For Wedding

If the shoes you wear are spectacular but not wearable, you’re not on the right track. To avoid unpleasant foot pain, try to focus your shopping session on unique comfy shoes.

You should be able to find many unique models designed exclusively for commodious brides who want to enjoy their wedding in an elegant way.

Wedding shoes are not what they used to be a few centuries ago. They are more versatile now and diversified.

shoes for wedding

You get the opportunity of choosing from a wide range of styles. So, you can be sure to find a pair of heels to really like and fit your wedding and budget.

If you want to obtain the perfect look, we suggest you search for the right shoes the same time you choose your wedding dress.

Unfortunately, many brides don’t follow this route. This means that they are not fully aware of the importance of shoes in their attire. Many of them think that the wedding gown is the crucial item to buy for their big day.

But when it comes to dressing up for the big day, they understand how essential each item and accessory is.

The headdress, the jewels, the bouquet and the shoes are all integrant parts of a bride’s outfit. These “details” play a quintessential role in obtaining an ideal wedding look. In most cases, our girls are making this choice based on the attractiveness of the shoe design.

Wedge Bridal Shoes

Many fashion trends available today in weddings and bridal field have their origins in vintage eras. The contemporary bride has the chance now to go through all the unique styles that were in vogue back in the old days and make her own choice.

We refer especially at wedding dresses, veils, jewelry and shoes. Did you know that the amazing wedge shoes you can find today on the market have been around since the ‘30s?

Few women know that most of fashions promoted today for bridal looks are classic fashions. The modern bride can make her wedding shoe choice based on her own preferences.

The wedge shoe is one of the most comfortable, and we know that the comfort factor is the most sought-after by today’s brides.

Those who don’t know, wedges are a type of platform shoe. They are nowadays made in various styles and heels. But the early wedges had no specific heel.

The wedge shoes that were popular in the 1930s had cellophane straps instead. The wedge heel used nowadays for everyday and bridal wear is thick and incorporated in the sole.

best shoes for wedding

The heel is not separated as in other types of shoes. This is the element that adds more security, comfort and uniqueness to this type of shoe. Wedges can be found in a wide variety of heel heights.

Wedge Bridal Shoes

Choose one that fits your height, body shape and weight. If you want something discreet and elegant, go for a wedge shoe with a slight raise in the feel.

The models based on several inches high are also recommended for commodious brides who want something wearable and chic for their big day.

Nowadays, there are hundreds of wedge style shoes to choose from and even more appearing each year! The designs vary according to the current trends.

The important thing to note is that those who want this type of heel for their wedding have tons of options.

The variety of heel height, materials and colors available for wedge bridal shoes can surely help you find one style to fit your wedding and wedding dress.

Many women speak of wedges are comfortable alternatives to stiletto and other sky heeled shoes. It’s true that compared to the traditional heel, this one is easier to wear and healthier.

These shoes are smart and versatile. The weight is evenly dispersed on the foot, allowing the wearer to feel less pain while walking.

Platform shoes are a clever invention for pregnant brides and those who can not afford to wear high heels for a very long time.

Besides the fact that they make your legs look longer, wedge shoes provide a bride with more support and balance. Besides this, it prevents you from falling and facing ankle problems.

Orange Wedding Shoes

Current trends show us that the modern bride looks more appealing and interesting when wearing a pair of colored shoes at her wedding.

It may seem awkward and inappropriate to think of a colored type of footwear for a church ceremony. But the offbeat bride who is willing to make this change is surely not afraid of what the people might say.

This is your wedding day and no one should prevent you from making your favorite choices. You should not let anyone or anything spoil your enthusiasm or break your vision, not even tradition.

To be able to follow a trendy style you need to let go of tradition. Anything that is conservative or outdated should be left behind.

You are called to embrace a totally new style now that has nothing to do with the classic style. Modern brides find it easier to obtain an original look for their wedding by wearing a pair of colored shoes.

White was and still is the most adequate color for a bride and her wedding. It is neutral and it expresses purity, innocence and all things elegant.

But since white has so many centuries behind, our designers thought that it would be nice to add a splash of color to a wedding and make it look more unique.

Our brides are extremely excited about these inedited ideas. Why follow the same old style and look similarly to other white-dressed brides when you can add your own personal touch through a color accent!

Orange Wedding Shoes

Initially, colors were inserted in weddings and bridal attires are subtle hints. Now they are used to fully color a wedding item. The bride’s shoes can be two-toned or fully dyed in a single color.

It depends on your own preferences and vision. White looks beautiful with any other color. You can add a small touch of color to a white pair of shoes, for a distinctive look.

If you are planning a white and black wedding for instance, you can add a black accent to your shoes to fit the theme.

Your wedding dress can also feature a black sash or embroidery or any other decorative item. But black is not really a color. Choose something more vivid for a more eccentric look.

Red shoes go well with white wedding dresses. Opt for a pair of pink shoes if you care for a more feminine and romantic look. What do you think of orange shoes for your wedding?

This color is bold, intense and vibrant. It’s favored by exotic-inspired brides who want a tropical look for their big day.

Orange bridal shoes can make hot choices for beach and island wedding ceremonies. This color should be incorporated throughout the entire wedding, for a more cohesive look.

Men’s White Wedding Shoes

When we’re talking about wedding shoes, most of us are thinking of shoes for the bride. But today we’ve decided to approach another subject, dedicated to grooms this time. Men too deserve a sublime look for their wedding.

It’s their big day too, so they shouldn’t settle for less. Your bride will surely inspire you in choosing a more elegant type of attire for the ceremony and reception.

She will use all her tricks to obtain a spectacular look. You should do the same to reach her standards.

The shoes are extremely important for both the bride and her groom. The wedding footwear is in fact the crucial aspect to solve in order to make sure that everything works according to plan.

The shoes are the ones that can offer you comfort or make you feel pain during the entire day. Let’s not forget that you will be standing, walking and dancing for a day and night! Don’t underestimate your shoes.

They play a significant role in your wedding day. If the shoes are tight or unpractical, you will feel uncomfortable the entire wedding! This is not something to wish for when you’re a groom.

Best Mens White Wedding Shoes

Everybody wants you to be a handsome guy, confident in her own attire and new role. You’re a husband now and you need to look decent and elegant.

This doesn’t mean that you must go totally traditional and classic. You can still have your own personal addition to your attire, just so that you can obtain a more original look.

How about wearing a pair of white shoes? This style may seem too awkward for those who are wearing a black tux.

Your wedding day is the only event that allows you adopt this color for your footwear. White is not the best color for a night out or for a formal dinner. But when it comes to weddings, the groom has the same reason to wear white as his bride.

Most guys are careless about the type of suit or shoes they wear at their wedding.

But there are also many pretentious men who prefer to wear something luxurious and fashionable. No matter how you define yourself, the shoes you buy for your wedding must be carefully chosen.

They should match your attire and also help you get through all wedding ceremonies without difficulties. This is the most problematic issues to solve for brides, so don’t panic.

They are the ones who must wear heels, and not you! The simplest part seems to be the color. Black shoes are the most versatile. They can fit all types of suits. Wear white shoes only if your suit is white. Brown shoes work well with grey suits.

Wedding Day Shoes

When it comes to weddings, the majority of couples choose spring or summer of the ceremony and reception. But cold seasons seem like more unique choices for those who want a different type of wedding.

Fall has become one of the most sought after periods of the year to get married in for many brides and grooms of today.

There is something magical about this time of year that can suit the beauty and flair of a wedding. Dramatic, opulent and elegant, fall is the season of romance and nature. It is the time of rich colors and texture.

The bride can take these into consideration when selecting the best theme for the ceremony and reception. We can also talk about simple shapes based on bold tones and whimsical accents.

These are the elements that can also fit a pair of bridal shoes for a fall wedding. Women of today are flattered by a myriad of shoe styles for their wedding.

This wide palette of choices allows anyone to find something cute, comfortable and affordable. Back in the old days, shoes were chosen by comfort and practicality factors. Nowadays, we can find shoes by formality, theme, season and venue of the wedding.

This is how radically things have changed during the last few centuries. The white wedding shoes that were once in vogue are not the only choice for a contemporary bride.

Wedding Day Shoes

There are many other colors to consider for this field. We can see many brides today wearing blue, pink and red colored heels.

When selecting the best shoes for wedding, you should take into consideration the specific of the venue and season. If you’re having an outdoors ceremony, think of a shoe that will cover your foot in a gentle way and protect it from grass and mud.

It seems more difficult to find a pair of shoes to fit the elements of an outdoors site. But in the end, sturdy materials and low heels are the ones that fit best.

Try ballet flats for a beautiful alfresco autumn wedding ceremony. This may sound like an inappropriate choice for a wedding, but come to think of it, this is a successful down-to-earth choice.

Those of you who feel uncomfortable wearing high heels may find this option more appropriate. Sandals may be too summery for this season.

Look for a satin pair of shoes that can be dyed in your wedding colors. Or, you can buy a white pair of shoes and adorn them with hot glue gems or beads.

Pumps are classier choices for elegant bridal looks. For a rustic feel, wear boots – Victorian or cowboy-inspired. This always makes a chic choice for a countryside wedding. Buy metallic hued boots for an unexpected unique look.

Most Comfortable Wedding Shoes

Every bride wants her wedding day to be unique yet comfortable! The comfort factor has become vital for commodious modern brides.

Being a bride means spending 24 hours standing, dancing, laughing and fulfilling many other solicitous roles.

And one can’t imagine doing this without the best comfortable wedding shoes. The choice of the wedding footwear is a crucial one. Contemporary brides are aware of this and dare not ignore this aspect anymore.

If it’s natural for a woman to wish for an elegant look for her wedding, it seems wiser now to think of the functional side of the shoes as well.

It’s easy to find a pair of shoes that look spectacular and have a thin refined design. But will a pair of sky hells give you the comfort and stability you need for your wedding?

Keep in mind that you will be standing on your feet a day and night! Many women complain of foot and back pain after walking in high heels.

If you find yourself among them, consider something more practical and commodious for your wedding.

Most Comfortable Wedding Shoes

There is no need to walk in pain and feel uncomfortable on your nuptials just because you want the perfect diva look. Who said that low heel shoes aren’t just as beautiful and chic as high heels?

We’re not asking you to wear sneakers, but to find a pair of shoes that you can actually move and dance in.

You need to get through the aisle moment, receiving line, first dance and other formal ceremonies without painful feet.

Look for a type of footwear that can guarantee you comfort every single hour of the day. The idea of wearing high heels at the wedding is the first one that pops into our bride’s head.

They all wish to wear high-quality shoes signed by a famous designer. These shoes may be strikingly beautiful and appear gorgeous in photos, but they can prove to be an unbearable pain for the bride.

The shoes are not just for a few wedding pictures and dances. They will accompany you until the next morning, so make sure that your feet will still be functional the day after the wedding.

Many modern brides decide to wear high heels at the ceremony and change in flats for the evening reception.

This is not a bad idea, giving the fact that the night party is just for fun and dancing. Bring a pair of shoes to change into at the reception, just to ensure the right amount of comfort you need for getting through the wedding night.

Change into a pair of comfortable shoes after the photographers are done with the shooting. Your back-up plan can consist of ballet shoes you can actually dance it.

The Wedding Party Shoes

Choosing the best outfits for the bridal party members is a delightful task that falls on the bride’s shoulders.

This is perhaps one of the most exciting things to do as a bride for your girls. This is the best occasion you have to prove your sense of fashion and style and choose something nice for the bridesmaids.

It is also a wonderful opportunity to show your appreciation and love for your friends by selecting something they can feel comfortable in and unique. It would be ideal if you could think of something they can wear afterwards.

There are plenty of bridesmaids’ dress and shoe ideas you can find today in this sense. Make sure that the attire you choose for your girls can be worn at another occasion and not just at your wedding.

Let’s hear more about bridesmaids’ shoes for now. These accessories play an extremely significant role in the overall look of the ceremony and bridal pictures.

Those of you who have chosen a unique color for the wedding décor can use the bridesmaids’ shoes to incorporate it in the ceremony as well.

It’s important for the wedding to look and behave like a whole. So, you need to follow the unity and coherence of the event with every detail or accent you use.

The Wedding Party Shoes

Matching bridesmaids’ shoes are ideal for cohesive weddings. This style should fit everyone’s style, but it would be more challenging to find.

Nevertheless, those who have a special passion for shoes should know where to look for. The majority of modern brides are shoe divas.

They have a lot of experience in field and know how to make the best purchase in this regard. It’s a must to find the best pair of shoes for your girls, especially if they’re wearing short dresses.

In majority of cases, bridesmaids are nowadays dressed in tea or knee length gowns. This makes the shoes extremely visible. Finding the right size, design and color is a high priority to you and your girls.

But this doesn’t mean however that you should go for the most expensive brand. Not everyone can afford to wear Jimmy Choo’s shoes.

Make sure you consult with your attendants first in this regard and then decide on the best style. There are many questions you need answers from your bridesmaids in this field.

Find out if any of your friends has medical issues. They can suffer of hammer toes or bunions. This could make wearing sky heels really difficult or impossible.

The most important thing about shoes is to match and feel comfortable. Ask your bridesmaids how much they can spend on the shoes and they wish to wear the shoes after the wedding.

Wedding Bride Shoes

The process of choosing the perfect wedding dress takes most attention of a bride. This is because the bride thinks it’s all about the dress!

The truth is somewhere in the middle though. The wedding dress plays the essential role in the life of a bride, no doubt about it.

But the other accessories she must wear on her big day are extremely important as well. Let’s take for instance the wedding shoes. They are a crucial selection when it comes to perfect bridal looks.

There are many important aspects to consider when selecting the best pair of shoes for your ceremony and reception.

One of them is you wedding formality and wedding dress length. The venue, the season and the theme of the event are among the principal coordinates to take into account when shopping for wedding shoes.

The design of the dress, the color and texture are also to note in this sense. Don’t forget to consider you own height and your husband’s height.

Think of the type of reception you’re planning. If there will be a fun night full of entertaining activities and events, consider a lower heel. Flats are also recommended for brides who want to change into something more comfortable for the reception party.

Wedding Bride Shoes

Those of you who are planning on dancing till done should consider something more practical for their feet. Otherwise, they will end up feeling hurt. A bad type of footwear can ruin your entire day.

So, make sure that the shoes you buy will manage to accompany you through all wedding events and ceremonies without problems.

The comfort and beauty factors are by far the first ones to follow when making this purchase. Set a few guidelines regarding the type of shoes you want to wear on your wedding day before actually going shopping.

This way you will avoid an overwhelming experience. We say this because the market is full of unique shoe styles for different types of brides – classic, vintage, modern, fashion-forward, etc.

best shoes for wedding

Consider the height & weight of the shoes. But don’t forget to set the right budget for this expenditure. The price is perhaps the first thing to look at when you’re an economical bride.

Don’t enter expensive saloons and stores that don’t have cheap bridal shoe designs or discounts to offer.

Look for affordable wedding shoes online in catalogs or on web sites. Specialty shops may not provide with the price tag you are looking for.

Narrow down the places you can go in your local area and the type of shoes you need for your wedding. Keep away from expensive shoes. Don’t try them on because you risk falling in love with them! Focus on the price & comfort.

Tiffany Blue Wedding Shoes

There is a big frenzy with colored wedding shoes these days. Our brides are fascinated by the myriad of colors proposed by our designers for wedding footwear.

It seems rather inappropriate to think of colored shoes for a bride, right? Well, the reality is that this style is trendy and fashionable.

Those who want to keep the pace with the ultimate tendencies in weddings & bridal looks can submit to this style. White shoes are the most versatile, no doubt about it.

They still remain a dream come true for many brides of today. But the offbeat bride who prefers a more eye-catchy look for her wedding can opt for a colorful pair of shoes.

You will surely obtain a distinguish appearance and captivate all the attention of the public. A pair of red or pink shoes surely draws attention, especially when the bride is wearing a white wedding dress. It can be a pair of gold, silver or bronze heels.

It depends on the way you interpret this trend and wish to make it work for your own wedding. Jewel, pastel and bright colors are all in vogue for this field.

Colored bridal shoes are nowadays seen everywhere. Nevertheless, there are still many women who think that this style is not very adequate for a wedding.

Tiffany Blue Wedding Shoes

The truth is that one can easily confound a pair of colored wedding shoes with a pair of regular shoes that a female wedding guest can wear. Your attire is supposed to be unique.

But when you’re wearing a white wedding dress, the color of the shoes is the one that makes all the difference and helps you stand out in the crowd and be the special lady at the party.

The color we picked for you today is Tiffany blue. This theme is one of the cutest and sweetest of all.

It fits perfectly well brides who want to incorporate the tradition of “something blue” in their wedding ceremony. If you are a modern bride and you want to show it, wear a pair of Tiffany blue shoes.

The bridal footwear is nowadays interpreted as a way of expressing your personality and taste in fashion, beauty and elegance.

Nothing can compare to the charm or the Tiffany blue color. We think that among all, this shade is more appropriate for a pair of wedding shoes.

The soft blue is overwhelmingly feminine, romantic and sublime. You can search online for more inspiration in this sense.

You will be able to find many pictures of Tiffany blue shoes designed exclusively for modern brides. If you want this color to be even more fitted for a wedding, consider mixing it with white. White & Tiffany blue is a pretty charming and delightful combo.

Silver Wedding Shoes Hit

White weddings go well with different color accents. The contemporary bride is very excited about the extensive range of color themes available or proposed for modern weddings.

There is nothing more appealing in a wedding than a soft or rich splash of color. As a bride, you can also incorporate a little bit of color in your attire to make it look more fashionable and trendy.

Silver is a classic color that can fit a traditional and modern wedding. Silver is an elegant color choice especially for winter nuptials. This nuance is intense, eye-catchy and glowing.

You can pair this hue with blue to obtain an icier effect for a winter celebration. Try silver & sapphire blue for a glamorous wedding theme.

If you want to adopt this theme, add in a third color to keep the palette soft on the eyes of your guests.

Anything neutral like white, cream, powder blue, soft gray, beige or ivory can suit. Besides the invitations and reception decorations, the bride’s attire can be also enhance the beauty of the wedding colors.

If you’re using a white and silver theme, consider wearing a pair of silver shoes. The effect will be extraordinary!

Silver Wedding Shoes Hit Bg

White wedding dresses work well silver jewelry and shoes. You can also choose silver accessories for your bridesmaids, to coordinate your own look.

Choose blue dresses for your girls to match their footwear. The groom and his party members can wear silver cufflinks and sapphire colored vests and ties. Silver shoes can make a bride shimmer on her wedding day!

Experts in field and bridal consultants advise the bride to take a sample of her dress fabric and see if it matches the shoes she intends to buy.

The sample will be the best counselor in this sense. Think of the other important aspects of the wedding when making this choice. The formality, the season and the venue of the event are major coordinates to consider at this point.

The style of shoes you’re choosing must fit the dress you’ve already bought. Don’t purchase your shoes until you haven’t found the dress of your dreams yet!

This is one of the most important etiquette rules to consider at this chapter. Silver is a metallic hue and it is really hard to match. It can look icy for a summer time wedding, but electrifying in a winter affair.

Warm it up by adding a touch of blue or white to the theme. There are different types of silver hues to choose from.

Pewter is dark and ideal for vintage looks. Choose bronze to add more glam and spark to your overall attire. Choose a fancy satin silver dress to make your silver shoes look more fashionable.

White Bridal Shoes

White is the nuance of formal weddings. It is incorporated in the most important items of the ceremony and reception, but it can also be found in small details. Couples of today can choose from modern white themes for their wedding.

White is a traditional color, indeed. But it can be utilized in many ways, depending on the preference and vision of the couple. We’ve seen many beautiful all-white weddings designed in a fashionable way.

White on white may not make a wise choice of a theme, but you can at least choose different shades of white to obtain soft contrasts of color for different items and corners of the wedding.

The traditional bride at heart wants a white dress for her big day. This is the first option and the only one for those who want to look and feel like a real bride on their wedding day. White is the only nuance that can help you obtain this look.

This is why both conservative and nontraditional brides of today choose to follow the white color for their attire. And we can discuss here about the bride’s gown, headdress, bouquet and shoes.

Let us focus more on the footwear. Contemporary brides have a myriad of options when it comes to wedding shoe colors. They can choose from white and off white models for a classier look or from colorful models if the wedding has an eccentric character.

White Bridal Shoes

The shoes can be used to add a splash of color to a perfect white type of attire. But to many, it seems more adequate to incorporate color in a white wedding dress through a sash, bow or embroidery. There are many types of brilliant white bridal shoes you guys can find out there.

Not to mention of the large range of dyeable models. You can now dye your own shoes according to the color scheme and theme you’re using in your wedding.

If you like the whitish look but you prefer something distinctive, consider ivory or pale rose. Ecru, beige, sand and nude are other off white nuances that can fit a white wedding gown.

The final look of the shoes you’re wearing depends on the fabric. Richer textures like lace or brocade make a pair of white shoes look more romantic and traditional, while sleek fabrics like silk or satin speak of more elegance and high class. It depends on the look you wish to obtain.

Plain white shoes are back in trend. You can customize your shoes to look more like you, by adding a special charm – like a bow, rhinestone decoration, flower, etc. You also have the option of covering or accenting your shoes with beads and pearls and other sparkling accessories.

No Shoes Wedding Dress

Modern brides who are planning a destination or local beach wedding have the amazing opportunity of going barefoot.

This alternative is the easiest one to adopt as you don’t have to spend weeks and dollars on a pair of fancy shoes for the ceremony. But before you make this decision you need to arrange the wedding setting properly.

Going barefoot requires a smooth and soft terrain to walk on. This applies for you and your groom and for everybody else at the wedding.

Many couples choose to spend their wedding day on a sandy beach and ask their guests to kick off their shoes and enjoy the venue.

This mans you have to make arrangements for the entire wedding setting to be comfortable for your feet.

So, it depends where the ceremony takes place. If you’re having a gazebo wedding paved with wood or stone perhaps it wouldn’t be the appropriate to walk barefoot.

It can be difficult for the bride to do her walk down the aisle on cold or rough stone. Make sure that at least the walkway is soft so that your feet can be safe and comfy. Those who are marrying directly on a sandy shore can assume this with more confidence.

No Shoes Wedding Dress

Barefoot in the sand is every beach-bride’s dream! It’s carefree, it’s romantic and besides all, it’s cheap! Those who are used to wearing high heels in their everyday life may not feel comfortable leaving their shoes for their wedding day.

This would feel rather inappropriate and weird. Many women feel more confident in their own skin and charm when they’re on high heels.

This is precisely why we say that a barefoot wedding is not for everybody. Besides this, short brides can’t even dream of this luxury.

Petite brides need more height for their wedding day and going barefoot or in flip-flops could ruin their entire look and attire.

Dressy wedge are more adequate selections in this sense. This type of shoe will help you stay on the sand without sinking. The most difficult thing when it comes to shoes is that the bride must find a pair to match their gown.

And we refer here at color, texture and heel high. You can wear a fluid dress with a short train and go barefoot on a beach.

This style is adopted by many romantic brides. Although the dress will be dragged through sand, the bride can enjoy more freedom of movement and still feel like a princess on her big day. Your feet don’t have to be totally empty.

You can choose to wear barefoot jewelry based on pearls, crystals and gems designed especially for beach affairs! These accessories can add even more glam and glitz to your overall look.

Wedding Shoes 1960′s Style

Brides of today are eager to find a style that can help them express their own personality. This is precisely why so many of them choose to get married in an old-fashion way. This doesn’t mean that the modern bride feels old or outdated.

The contrary, this is what current trends are offering now. The vintage style is one of the most appreciated at the moment.

Our designers have many unique ideas to propose to those who want to obtain an old Hollywood glamorous look for their big day. They have suggestions and proposals for different wedding items and fields, including their attire.

The shoes worn by a bride on her wedding day say a lot of her personality and taste in fashion, no doubt in it. Many brides of today decide to follow the vintage look in this regard.

One of the most interesting types of wedding footwear of the past is the ‘60s footwear. Women of that time were rather hippie than traditional. Brides of the 1960s were often seen wearing long hair and floral pattern dresses.

There were many other fashion trends corresponding to this era, however. Anyway, this was the time of change, the time when women could break free from previous fashion constrains.

The anterior decade was based on conservative clothing, while during the ‘60s women could express their own taste and sense of style.

Wedding Shoes 1960’s Style

The footwear consumption during this decade was very big. There were many developments in manufacturing during this period which gave birth to more diversity in field.

There were more fashion magazines and movies to get inspired from for a fashionable look. This was also the time for celebrity trends to emerge among ordinary women.

The ‘60s are for certain one of the most prolific periods for fashion. The idea of expressing your personality through the cloths you wear is still adopted today. Big changes occurred during this decade.

Our brides could be seen wearing many unconventional pieces of clothing, like miniskirts, whimsical colors and platform shoes.

Yes, this was the time for the platform shoes that we are so crazy about today. Brides of the ‘60s had the unique opportunity of wearing mod platform shoes at their wedding.

This type of footwear lends a clean and modern aesthetical look even today. The heel was chunky or wedge, depending on the construction of the shoe.

White shoes were the rage, but colorful models could also be found. This was the time of round and square shoes.

Kitten heels were also in vogue, as well as psychedelic pumps. One of our favorite styles of the modern bride inspired by the ‘60s style is the boot style. You can choose a go-go boot style with a low heel for your wedding.

Wedding Shoes For Beach

The choice of shoes for a bride always depends on the wedding venue. It may seem easy at a first sight to plan the best footwear for a church ceremony wedding for instance.

But will you be as confident for a beach ceremony? Women have this way of envisioning the perfect look for their wedding with years before their big day.

Many of us dream of our wedding day since we are little girls. This power of imagination sometimes is welcomed, but in some cases it’s not the best route to take.

When you’re planning the attire for a beach wedding, things should be handled in a totally different way than for a traditional wedding.

You can’t dream of the same princess ball gown dress and high heel shoes a bride usually wants for a classic wedding.

The formality of a seaside wedding is different and more indulgent on you and your attire. So, make sure that you start shopping around for the best items of clothing and accessories for your big day after you’ve decided on the formality, venue and theme of your wedding.

Otherwise you may be choosing an outfit that doesn’t correspond to the wedding location and setting you picked. Beach affairs are ideal in pictures.

Wedding Shoes For Beach

The Oceanside makes a beautiful picturesque backdrop for a wedding ceremony and reception. You guys can wed in the evening with an exotic sunset in the background adding more romance to the entire event, or during the day, among tropical flowers and exotic fragrances.

The Mother Nature has the best elements of décor to consider for a beach wedding. Brides can’t fight it when it comes to choosing her dress, shoes and other accessories. Consider the weather and locale conditions before selecting your attire.

The gown and shoes must suit the type of terrain of the venue and the climate conditions. Everybody is aware of the fact that there will be a lot of sand and water drops out there.

Besides this, there is the breeze and crashing waves that may cause troubles to your dress. These conditions always present a challenge to the unversed bride.

Flip-flops may seem the most appropriate option for her. But are flip-flops adequate for a wedding?

Know that many women choose them for their wedding reception, especially for the dancing part. There are indeed many advantages of wearing flip-flops at the wedding.

First of all, there is the comfortableness level which is higher in this case and secondly, they are cheaper than other styles.

Order flip-flops to match your attire and fit the sand and water conditions. Sandals are more elegant and more secure, however. But modern brides can choose a barefoot ceremony at the beach!

Wedding Shoes To Dye

Dyeable shoes are the perfect option for modern brides who want to wear something bright and colored at their wedding, without spoiling the elegance factor of the event.

Giving the fact that the majority of brides still choose white for their wedding dress, a colored pair of shoes may seem like the best way to obtain a more eye-catchy look and differentiate yourself among other classic brides who are going for a white traditional attire.

The modern industry of wedding shoes includes more colors than you can possibly imagine.

The white bridal footwear is no longer the only and the best option for a contemporary bride. The contrary, 2012 women can now choose a colored pair of shoes or a dyeable pair of shoes they can personalize to fit their vision and wedding color theme.

Every woman needs to have a pair of dyeables in her closet. She can use it at a special event. We can’t think of anything more special for a woman than her own wedding day. There are many reasons to opt for a pair of dyeable shoes for a wedding instead of a pair of classic white shoes.

Wedding Shoes To Dye

First of all, brides who want a bright color theme for the décor may also wish to insert that color in their attire.

And there is no better way to make this accent than through your wedding shoes. Your dress can remain white, while your shoes can show off a splash of color underneath.

This idea seems flattering for many modern brides who want to accent their white attire with a little bit of color. It can be a pair of red dyed shoes or a pair of hot pink heels.

It depends on your favorite color. Many brides of today find to necessarily to dye a pair of shoes for their big day. This means adopting a whole new look for the ceremony and obtain a distinctive appearance.

Your wedding shoes can match or contrast your wedding dress, depending on how bold and dramatic you want to go.

Don’t feel restricted to use any color you personally like, no matter how flashy or weird it may seem at a first sight.

As long as your wedding dress is white, anything can work for your feet, including black. Make sure that the gown features a unique detail like a sash or bow in the same color.

It’s important to coordinate the shoes with the headdress or a tiny detail on the gown, in order to obtain a more coherent and unified look.

Any bride can dye her own wedding shoes. Buy a kit from a local store and use the tips and tricks available for DIY brides on the Internet. Look into Dyeables for more inspiration.

How To Dye Bridal Shoes

Every woman needs to dye a pair of shoes from once in a while. There must be an event coming up that you need to get ready for, where wearing a pair of colored shoes is a must.

One of the most important events in the life of a woman is her own wedding day. Statistics show us that many brides of today decide to dye their shoes to fit the wedding theme.

This route is followed especially by those who are having a unique color-scheme at the wedding or simply wish to add a splash of color their white attire.

Your shoes may only need a sprucing up or a different look for your wedding. You can dye a pair of white shoes partially or entirely, depending on the effect you want to obtain.

Women like to dye shoes for their wedding, for a prom or for another special event they’re attending or hosting. It’s never easy to find the proper color to fit your vision.

This is why calling on a professional dyeing for your shoes seems like a safer method. The color of your shoes must suit the wedding color theme and also match or contrast your wedding dress.

How To Dye Bridal Shoes

If you have a pair of shoes that are comfortable to wear, elegant and uniquely designed, don’t hesitate to make them your wedding shoes.

Do this by dyeing them in the colors of your wedding. If those shoes are black or red, dye them in white to suit your wedding dress.

Think of the exact shade you want for your shoes and look for it in stores. Work at home by using a kit.

You can experiment on another pair of shoes that you don’t use anymore to see how it goes. If you’re satisfied with the results, start dyeing those shoes you’re planning on wearing at your wedding.

Matching your shoes to fit a modern wedding is no longer a question of wearing black or white. There are many other colors you can don these days as a bride.

Dyeable shoes are the hottest trend in bridal fashion world. They come in a wide variety of colors. As a bride, you can assort your shoes with the bridesmaids’ dress colors or with a unique color accent you wear in your own wedding dress.

You can dye only the heel or even the soles, for a more unique effect. The shoes don’t have to be fully colored.

Look into Dyeables for different styles and ideas. They have dyeable strappy sandals, platforms, wedge shoes, flats and high heels to propose you. Colored wedding shoes are ideal for vintage-inspired brides who want a more vibrant look. So, what do you think of this alternative?

Ivory Wedge Wedding Shoes

Many women are wondering why wedding shoe designers don’t focus more on creating comfortable heeled shoes for weddings.

Flats are recommended for commodious brides, but let’s face it! They are not wedding-appropriate at all.

Brides can put on a pair of flat shoes at the reception, for the dancing sessions at most. But they can’t show up at their church ceremony wearing ballet shoes,

Unless they are having a ballet themed wedding! There are a few shoe styles that fit the comfortableness factor wanted by modern brides, but they are not as popular as they wish.

Let’s take for instance the wedge shoe style. This type of wear is very comfy and elegant. It is the perfect choice for those who want a little height for the wedding, without the thin heel.

Many women stumble on stilettos and don’t want embarrass themselves at the wedding. Not all brides are ready to assume a sky heel type of wear for their ceremony.

The trend with high heels is not for everybody. This is precisely why our designers must release more comfortable shoes for commodious brides. Wedge shoes are the perfect solution for pregnant brides and for those who have back problems.

Ivory Wedges Wedding Shoes

Sophisticated, elegant and simple, wedge shoes are beautiful and thoughtful selections for any woman who wants to enjoy her wedding day and have a good time at the party.

Wedges work for both formal and informal affairs. They can help a bride pose in a nice profile at the ceremony and at the evening party.

Nevertheless, this type of wear is more adequate for casual or semi-formal events. One can choose wedge shoes for an outdoors wedding and obtain a chic practical look and feel.

These styles are great for alfresco affairs because the wedge toe allows the bride to walk on muddy terrains and through grass without sinking or getting dirty on the dress.

Wedge wedding shoes are easy to pair with a wedding dress and enjoy while on the dance floor. They are favored by many brides of today over thin heeled shoes.

Those who prefer a type of heel of 3.25 inch or under should consider this type of shoe. If you don’t have much extra length in your gown, choose wedge shoes. The color is very important when deciding on this style.

It must be white or an off white nuance. Try ivory – as one of the trendiest choices for modern and vintage-inspired brides.

Coral, beige, blush and nude are other unique shades to fit casual weddings and informal feminine looks. Wedge shoes in pastel hues are beautiful options for bohemian brides. Sandals with wedge toes and strappy models are very elegant and unique for summer time brides.

White Flat Wedding Shoes

If you want to enjoy your wedding and have a wonderful time at the party next to your groom and your guests, consider a comfortable type of footwear.

In most cases, brides-to-be want sky heels for their wedding, to really feel like they’re hosting a “big” day.

But in reality, those who choose to wear extremely high shoes end up with feet aches. This is why it’s advisable to focus more on this aspect and make this purchase with more responsibility.

Being a bride is not just about looking like a diva. You also need to take care of the guests mingle around the tables and dance all night long. This means that you will stand on your feet a full day and night.

In this context it’s hard to imagine that you will resist well. You have two choices: to wear something elegant and high at the ceremony, and then change into something more comfy for the reception party.

This is the best compromise a bride can make. Modern brides are commodious and practical and they want to have fun at the reception.

After all, this is the best time to celebrate their union and spend quality time with close friends and family. Don’t be afraid of putting on a pair of flats for the reception. This will only make you feel more confident in your skin and allow you to enjoy more freedom of movement.

White Flat Wedding Shoes

Those who are planning a dancing night must equip themselves properly. It may not be a very good idea to show up at the reception dressed in a tight outfit and sky heel shoes.

Wear a pair of white flats instead, for more comfortableness. There are many designers today who create unique flat and low heel shoes especially for brides who want to dance their wedding night away!

You must look for something to fit your dress. Shoes without heels are not supposed to be totally plain and unattractive, especially when you’re a bride. Look for something glamorous and elegant, something to suit your wedding dress and overall look.

Your shoes can be accented with a big bow in the front or a flower fascinator. They can be paved with crystals, beads, pearls, rhinestones or other sparkly accents, depending on your preferences.

Try to find a pair of flats embellished in the same way as your dress. Petite brides are afraid to wear flats at their wedding.

But when it comes to having fun on the dance floor, you must leave your shame aside. It would be pointless to dress up sophisticated and elaborate and sit at the table all night long while your invitees and groom are on the dance floor.

Lace Bridal Shoes

Sophisticated brides are never pleased with the idea of wearing a pair of plain white shoes at their wedding.

They prefer something bolder or something a bit richer than the usual. We suggest you consider a pair of lace wedding shoes. Lace is the best texture to select for a wedding.

And we refer here at different wedding fields. Brides can choose lace for their wedding dress, shoes, bouquet wrapping, headdress and other special accessories she wears at the ceremony.

Lace is also used nowadays to literally adorn wedding invitations, wedding cakes and guest tables. It’s great to work with lace and make elegant things for your wedding.

This type of fabric is extremely versatile. This means that you can use it to adorn anything you want. Lace appliqué is a decorative type of embellishment that can be utilized in various ways and means.

You can even adorn your bridal purse if you intend to wear one at your wedding! Delicate, soft and feminine, lace always adds a touch of romance to a woman’s look on her wedding day.

Lace Bridal Shoes

Many women like to follow DIY methods to decorate their wardrobe with lace for a more elegant touch. This material is easy to apply on wedding shoes, especially if they feature a sleek smooth surface.

If you are a talented bride who enjoys crafting things for her wedding, you would surely like the idea of decorating your shoes with lace.

This material will add more extravagance to your shoes and make them fit the special occasion. Experts in field advise brides to use shoe glue to apply the lace.

Because of the curved surface of the shoes, you may not be able to use iron-on appliqué lace properly.

Use a needle and thread instead if you’re using fabric covered shoes. It would be wiser to buy white satin shoes and use the blank canvas for applying lace properly.

The amount of lace must be calculated according to the size and surface of the shoes. Buy satin or silk shoes to ease your job and use less lace fabric.

Besides this, the satin foundation will show through the lace appliqué in a unique way. Lace covered shoes are beautiful accessories for a bride who wears a white lace wedding gown.

Make sure that you choose the same type of lace or color for your shoes as the model featured on your dress. It doesn’t have to be something perfectly matching, but assorted.

If you wish to make your shoes even more appealing, add a few pearls or rhinestones to the lace appliqué.

Any additional sparkle can do your overall look good. Lace & crystal wedding shoes are very trendy. Use lace to cover the front and sides of the shoes.

Inexpensive Bridal Shoes

It’s every bride’s right to feel special on her wedding day. And only a fabulous look can make her feel unique and superb.

But in most cases, a unique bridal look means an expensive look, which not all brides can afford. We should not think that a cheaper wedding dress and pair of shoes can make a woman look cheap and plain!

Nowadays, more than ever before, the modern bride on a budget can shop among really nice and beautiful wedding items.

shoes for wedding

You can be an economical bride and still call yourself a “fashionista”! Let’s take the wedding shoes for instance.

This field is more generous with different budgets and preferences. To many women, the wedding footwear it’s all about the comfort.

This aspect is important to solve with care and attention. Don’t buy an extravagant pair of shoes that you won’t be able to wear or sit in a full day!

Make this selection wisely, considering the complexity of the event and the many hours you need to stand on your feet.

Inexpensive Bridal Shoes

The bride is supposed to dance, entertain the guests and stand up an entire day and night. This means that the shoes must be not only elegant and wedding-appropriate but also practical and easy to wear.

You should be able to find a comfy pair of shoes at an attractive price. Our designers understand how vital it is for a modern bride to find something commodious and affordable.

There are many pretty inexpensive bridal heels out there to consider. Whether you want a pair of high heels, a low heel toe or flat shoes, the current trends have many styles to offer that can fit your taste and budget.

Your shoes can be made of silk or satin or they can feature a wooden heel. Satin pumps and floral sandals are ideal for those who want to feel and look like a princess on their special day.

Invest more time in the search. Browse the web and look at different bridal shoes before making a hasty decision.

Consider your personal style and your dress design when making this choice. The shoes you buy must be worthy of the special event you’re hosting and indulgent with your feet.

Statistics also show us that more and more brides are returning to classic white shoes. There are many stylish and unique white bridal shoes out there to pique your interest! Don’t think that this style is too boring for you!

Consider antique lace pumps, embellished satin slingbacks, rhinestone and metallic silver sandals, ankle or T-strap sandals, glitter flats or platform pumps. Cut-out pumps, peep-toe slingbacks and polka dot models are also favored among modern brides on a budget.

Cheap Flat Wedding Shoes

Not all weddings take place in fancy ballrooms and luxuriant restaurants. The contrary, many couples of today decide to wed in a wilder location, such as in the woods or on an open field.

It seems easier to enjoy a wedding’s ceremonies when you’re outside the doors, on safe ground. Nevertheless, we can’t say the same thing about the wedding footwear.

Both the bride and her bridal party need to adjust their attire to fit the terrain and the specific of the venue.

If it’s a beach wedding, barefoot seems like the right way to go. If you’re out in the desert, consider wedge or platform shoes so that your feet won’t sink in the sand.

Weddings nowadays occur in the weirdest places. This is why footing may be a bit uncertain for the bride and the other female wedding guests.

Park and garden celebrations involve a lot of grass and perhaps mud. This means that high thin heels are excluded off the bride’s shoe list.

The heels can easily sink into the dirt and also damage the dress. Alfresco weddings usually make it difficult for the bride to maneuver in high heel shoes.

Outdoors venues are great to look at and enjoy, but not when you’re a bride. There are many aspects to consider about the way you should dress. Rocky fields and muddy ponds can easily ruin your shoes and gown.

Cheap Flat Wedding Shoes

The same thing can happen to your wedding invitees. This is why it seems more appropriate in this context to call on flat shoes.

Make sure you specify this dress code in your invitations, so that your guests can equip properly. Your invitees will appreciate your warning sign.

Women love heeled shoes, but when it comes to their wedding day, they prefer something easier to walk in.

Flat bridal shoes are the last trend in comfort. This leisurely style is ideal for brides with foot irritations and back problems.

It’s healthier to wear flat shoes than high heels, even if this is just a day and night we’re talking about. After all, spending 24 hours on high heels is not something to experience without bad repercussions.

Wearing flat shoes can have many benefits on your foot health. And if you’ve made up your mind to care more for your health than for your look, you should not mind what people will think or say of you!

Flat wedding shoes are not a taboo anymore. They are recommended by many designers and fashion experts, especially for pregnant brides.

These shoes are designed especially for effective walking and dancing during the day. You can perhaps wear a pair of fancy low heel shoes at the ceremony and then change into comfy flats for the reception party.

Mid Heel Bridal Shoes

Whenever a bride is in a bridal saloon or boutique she encounters difficulties in making the final decision on the items she must purchase for the big day.

This is due to the myriad of models and ideas she has to choose from. On the other hand, the process of selecting the most beautiful wedding dress and accessories can be made even tougher by the bride’s high expectations.

Not many women are willing to settle for less when it comes to their wedding attire.

Let’s hear more about wedding shoes. The bridal footwear is very difficult to choose, especially when the bride is exigent.

It’s true that the wedding shoes are among the most important a woman will wear in her life. This means that she must pick a gorgeous distinctive pair.

But she mustn’t neglect the comfortableness factor. It’s more important for a woman to be able to walk, dance and move around freely on her wedding day than to have a terrible pain in her feet and sit down the entire night.

Giving this fact, it seems ridiculous to buy a pair of fancy elaborated shoes with a high heel that is impossible to wear.

Mid Heel Bridal Shoes

Walk around the store for a few minutes in the shoes you want to buy and see if they are practical enough to fit your wedding.

The wedding day is very long and there are many ceremonies to deal with. To make the right purchase you need to educate yourself first.

Learn more about the existing types of heels before you make the last decision. It’s always recommendable for a bride to do her homework before going shopping for her wedding dress and shoes.

If you’re not able to make the difference between a sandal and a mule, you’re in big trouble! There are many similarities between a kitten and wedge heel that you must be able to identify when you’re out there. You can learn more about these things from a basic guide to women’s shoes.

Or, if you don’t have time to do so, take an experience friend to guide you to the best shoe choice for your wedding.

The height of your wedding shoe heels is very important. It can make or break an outfit, and you know it. High heels need to be worn properly otherwise they can make the wearer look dizzy or completely unstylish!

High heels are great for casual attire, but not necessarily when it comes to wedding dresses. The mid length seems to be the number one choice for commodious brides, however.

The 1 and 2” heels are the styles that can fit perfectly well a classy elegant bride who wants to enjoy both beauty and comfort on her wedding day.

Wedding Shoes Black

Black is not the most adequate color for weddings. In fact, in most regions of the world it is considered the color of mourning. Nevertheless, the same thing we can say about white.

If in many states white is the official color of wedding, in China and Asia it is the color of funerals. Red is the color of joyful celebrations and festivities in Orient.

So, using white, black or red at your wedding is a matter of culture. Nowadays, selecting the right theme for a wedding is a personal aspect that also concerns the current trend.

But when following the current wedding tendencies the bride can tricked into adopting a style she doesn’t really believe it.

For instance, if it’s hip to wear black shoes at the wedding, would you do so? What do you really think of this trend?

We personally find it awkward to wear black heels with a white wedding dress. But if the gown is based on a black and white color-scheme, perhaps you can consider black for your feet.

You should know that wearing black to a wedding is no longer a taboo. Black and many other dark hues have become very fashionable.

Wedding Shoes Black

Black is indeed elegant, fancy and dramatic. But will it make an appropriate selection for a bride? It’s ok for other female wedding attendants to wear black dresses and shoes.

But when you’re a bride and you want to wear black things get more complicated. Black shoes are classic and dainty, no doubt about it.

They seem acceptable when you’re a wedding guest. The bride’s mom can also choose black for her attire.

But as a bride, wearing a pair of black shoes may seem extremely exaggerated and inadequate, especially when your family is a traditional one. The only advantage of wearing a pair of black heels is that no one will notice the dirt on your shoes.

Besides this, those who are buying black shoes for their big day usually make a good investment. A pair of black heels is easier to assort with different types of attires and colors.

The greatest thing is that you can wear your wedding shoes again, at another special event. Black shoes are all over the place, but not all women have the courage to embrace this trend.

It’s definitely a rare thing to see a bride wearing black heels at her ceremony. So, giving this, if you want to be a unique unconventional bride, go for it.

Black bridal shoes are great for Gothic themed wedding ceremonies. On the other hand, black and white themes also allow the bride to consider a pair of white shoes with a black accent.

Pearl And Jewel Wedding Shoes

Modern brides have the amazing opportunity to build their own attire for the big day. This gives them a lot of freedom in selecting their favorite color, fabric and texture for the wedding dress, bouquet, jewelries and shoes.

Let’s focus on the bridal shoes for now. This topic is largely debated during the last few years. The bride’s shoes are nowadays more fashionable than every before.

Our trend makers are very excited to see that the contemporary bride is more ready now to break with tradition and embrace a newer style. When it comes to wedding shoes, the new style refers to the jeweled types of shoes.

Wedding shoes are no longer white and plain. They are often based on dyed colors and sparkling accessories. The DIY bride can find a way to color or adorn her wedding shoes in a more unique way.

There are many vide tutorials out there to study before making a decision in this sense. Anyway who has time and energy to do this can learn more about beautifying a pair of white simple shoes for their wedding.

You can transform a dull cheap-looking white pair of shoes into a glamorous type of footwear to fit a modern sophisticated bride.

Pearl And Jewel Wedding Shoes

Now, it depends on how extravagant your wedding is and how pompous you want to look on your big day. Even the economical brides and those who are on a budget can buy a cheap pair of shoes and transform them from ordinary to extraordinary with a few sparkles and charms.

Being a fashionable bride is not that hard these days. You can catch the attention of your guests by wearing fashionable footwear based on glitter and shine.

There are many ways to do this. You can use a simple ribbon bow that you can tie in the front or at the back of the shoe where the heel begins.

The bow can be embellished with crystal beads and other accessories you personally like. Use pearls to make the shoes look more elegant and classy.

A cluster of white pearls can add more femininity, refinement and formality to a pair of plain shoes. The pearls and the other jewelries you’re using can be white or colored.

It’s not mandatory for your shoes to be completely white. Use a row of crystals in your wedding colors to decorate the opening of the shoes for a more glitzy look.

You can use your own imagination to use the pearls and beads anywhere you think they can look nice.

Pearl-based wedding shoes can make any bride look sophisticated, romantic and stylish. Make sure that the stones you use for the shoes fit the color and embellishments of your wedding dress.

Sparkly Wedding Shoes

Getting married for the first time is a dream come true for all young brides. We all wish for this day to be unique and memorable, and all couples manage to create an unforgettable atmosphere for their invitees.

The bride is excited about the articles she will wear during the ceremony, starting with the dress and ending up with the shoes.

It seems easier to pick the other accessories, but at a second glance, things can prove to be extremely complicated and stressful.

You must make time to do this in the same week or month. Take your girls and start wandering around through bridal saloons and shops.

Look for wedding dresses that fit your price tag and body shape. Make yourself an image on the perfect design for your gown and then start looking for the best headpiece or veil.

If you’ve got these two items sorted out, things can be easier from now on. Take pictures of your wedding dress and veil and start looking for the jewelry and accessories to adorn your look. Make sure they all fit the overall style of your attire.

Sparkly Wedding Shoes

The same thing is recommended for your shoes. Once you’ve got the jewelries all figured out, it should be easy to find the right pair of shoes.

The wedding footwear must be comfortable and elegant in the same measure, every modern bride knows that. But not all women are satisfied with only these two qualities.

They want more for their shoes! Those who love this fashion field and are used to spending a lot of their salary on unique shoes might prefer something original and outstanding for their wedding.

Sparkling shoes can satisfy the need for luxury a bride has when it comes to her big day. Fortunately, the market is full of precious wedding shoe designs based on pearls, beads and crystals.

This field received more attention from our creators during the last few years. This is why today modern brides can benefit of so many trendy models for their wedding ceremony and reception.

Every single item meant to compose a bride’s attire is nowadays receiving a lot of attention from our designers.

It seems only natural be so, giving the fact that as the wedding fields evolve, the contemporary bride has higher and higher expectations and bigger demands.

Check out the Glass Slipper to find a wide range of couture wedding shoes created by talented designers of the entire world.

This website provides with amazing shoes from different famous brands, like Stuart Weitzman, Giuseppe Zanotti, Kate Spade or Something blue. This company is able to delivery you the shoes you like the most in white and ivory right away. Their shoes are dyeable and easy to adorn on your own.

Toddler Wedding Shoes

If you think that your wedding outfit is hard to plan, wait till you get to the part when you have to dress up your kids for the wedding.

When your children are invited to participate to a formal event, things can get tricky and complicated when it comes to deciding on the most adequate garments and shoes.

Although it seems easy to dress up a toddler, when it comes to a wedding, things are a bit more pretentious. Weddings are formal events, no matter their size, style or venue.

It’s important to choose the right cloths and footwear for your kids when participating at the ceremony and reception.

In these cases, the little girls and boys are the most visible! They run, dance and make everybody laugh with joy.

This means that they are right under the spot. In this context, you can not afford to dress up your kid in random or ordinary cloths.

Many say that their kids are too small to wear a bow tie or a pair of fancy heel shoes. But we’ve seen many little boys and girls dressed up in a fashionable way.

It’s possible if you want to follow the current trends. But you must be careful not to exaggerate with the formality.

Toddler Wedding Shoes

If the dress is too pompous, your little girl may feel uncomfortable and besides this look odd. The cloths and shoes you buy for their wear must be age-appropriate and adequate for the event.

You can make this easy for you buy going into a specialized store that sells occasion cloths and shoes. The footwear is more important than you might think for your toddler.

As we said before, kids run all the time and never sit down in one place for too long. This means that the shoes you purchase for them must be practical and easy to wear.

There are many designs created especially for weddings, so you should not worry that the shoes your toddler needs are not formal enough to fit the level of elegance of the event you’re attending.

Children who participate in a wedding must respect the dress code at least partially. The best toddler wedding shoes are those that are comfy and dressy.

There is another aspect to consider when deciding on the perfect outfit for your kids. Are they a part of the wedding party?

Is your little boy the ring bearer or your little girl the flower girl at the ceremony? If not, then you can relax and choose something cozier or less expensive for your children.

If your daughter is a junior bridesmaid, perhaps you can consult with the bride to find out what type of dress and shoes you should get for her.

Wedding Occasion Shoes

A bride’s attire is composed of many garments and accessories. It is not a single piece of clothing that she can put on and look like a bride.

It would have been too easy for a woman to get ready for her big day. Every single item one uses to prepare herself for the ceremony is important.

Ignore or overlook one and you’ll see that your outfit is not complete. The wedding dress is by far the most significant item to purchase and deal with for a bride. But it is not the only thing to take care of for your wedding look.

There are the headdress, the jewelries, the shoes, the flower bouquets and the make-up. You won’t look or feel complete without any of these items.

Let’s take for instance the shoes. Finding the perfect wedding dress to suit your personality and flatter your figure may be easy.

But when it comes to shopping for the right pair of shoes to go with the gown, things can get more overwhelming. There are many aspects to consider in this context.

First of all, there is the comfortableness factor that you must keep in mind when making the finale election. It’s all in vain if you choose a pair of fancy shoes that are totally uncomfortable!

Wedding Occasion Shoes

The shoes for your wedding must fit the occasion and feature a certain level of elegance, no doubt about it. But if they are not good for dancing, it’s all for nothing.

Perhaps not all brides want to dance the night away at their wedding and catch the morning on the dance floor.

But you have to think about the many hours that you will spend on your feet, in your shoes. The wedding only lasts a day and a night, but this means standing tall and straight throughout the event without feeling tired or in pain.

Uncomfortable shoes can cause you a lot of trouble, especially when you want to have fun and enjoy the party. Experts in field recommend modern brides to pay more attention to this tiny detail they always forget about: the design of the shoes.

If the heel is too thin and big, chances are you will be standing at the table the entire evening. Don’t pick the first pair of shoes that fell at your feet.

Try them on and walk around the store a few times to check their comfortableness. Make sure they are both elegant and practical.

Don’t sacrifice any of these qualities. Your shoes must fit the dress and the formality of the event. They should be unique and “pretentious”. Try to avoid ankle strap shoes because they can make a bride’s legs look short and wide.

Something Blue Wedding Shoes

Contrary to what many might think, modern brides are not totally over tradition. In fact, statistics show us the contrary.

More and more couples are interested in honoring different traditions of the past and make them part of their wedding.

The practices regarding the bride are the most popular. The bride – regardless of her age and cultural background has the opportunity to insert a few beautiful customs in her wedding, to make it look and feel more fun and diverting.

The tradition of “something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue” is one of the most common.

Brides from different corners of the globe and nations are choosing this tradition for their ceremony. It seems fun and personal.

When it comes to the part of incorporating something blue in the wedding, many brides decide to use something chic that everyone can see.

How about a pair of blue shoes? This trend is relatively new, giving the fact that during the last few years only white shoes were chosen by brides. Nowadays, the options for wedding shoes and wedding colors are numberless!

Something Blue Wedding Shoes

You can choose a pair of blue shoes to go with a white traditional gown, or with a more modern design. Blue is the color of nostalgic brides and one of the most symbolic nuances for a wedding.

After white, blue is the next official tonality ever included in a wedding. This color is feminine, romantic and ultra-elegant. It can look superbly well in the feet of a bride.

Now, it depends on the exact shade of blue each one of you is choosing. Both pale and bold blue shoes are in vogue this year.

Think of the color scheme you’re using in the wedding and see if you can match the shoes with the décor of the reception. You can build the entire wedding around white and blue, and insert more blue details in your own attire.

A pair of blue suede shoes for instance can make an extraordinary choice for those who want a soft elegant look and feel for a fall or winter wedding.

Paler shades of blue are recommended for those who are not having a blue themed wedding. The lighter the blue nuance is the more elegant it will look on your feet.

Vibrantly colored blue shoes are great for beach affairs and reception parties. If you don’t have anything else in the wedding to coordinate the shoes with, choose another blue detail for your attire, like a blue bow for the dress or hair.

Those of you who find this color too eccentric for a white outfit can look for a pair of shoes with colored soles. Or, how about choosing a pair of shoes with a blue heel?

Bridal Shoes Funky

Current trends in wedding shoes show us a lot of bling-bling and sparkling stilettos. It’s hip to be an offbeat bride and wear a pair of funky shoes.

But how many of you are actually willing to sacrifice the traditional style and go for a nonconformist pair of shoes for their wedding?

Many women think that no one knows what’s going on beneath the wedding dress except them. And it’s true! This fact determines some brides to choose a pair of plain and dull shoes with the thought that no one will ever see them.

On the other hand, there are those brides who want to wear something exceptional and feel confident in their skin, although the shoes won’t be that visible after all!

Believe it or not, your wedding shoes will be seen by everybody when you’re on the dance floor and when you’re sitting at the table.

It’s true that a long dress with an elaborated train makes your shoes practically invisible. But think about all those moments when you will lift up the skirt so you can walk! Aren’t those the precious minutes when you get the chance to showcase your amazing footwear?

Shoes Bridal Funky

If you want to dazzle them all, have a pair of jeweled stilettos! Nevertheless, purchasing a pair of funky shoes should not be only to impress your groom and guests but to make you feel satisfied with your wedding attire.

After all, this is your Wedding Day! We’re not asking you to opt for a sky heel or a red pair of shoes if this is not your style. But make sure that your wedding shoes are original and outstanding.

According to the last tendencies in bridal shoes, metallic hells, delicate straps and jeweled embellishments are the principal accents to consider by the modern bride.

But these are not strict rules that you cannot break. These are only directions of style and guidelines for those who want to keep the pace with the ultimate trends in this field.

The opulence of modern bridal shoes can be overwhelming for those who are not into shoes that much. Fortunately, there are plenty cute ideas for those who prefer something simple and discreet.

You can find skinny straps on low heel shoes that look very pretty on a bride’s leg and very practical also. These styles are for the commodious and mature brides who want to feel comfortable and secure while walking around and dancing at their wedding.

You can have you own glass slippers if you prefer the princess look for a ballroom wedding. Take a look into Giuseppe Zanotti’s collections and see how amazing his couture bridal shoes are! His fashion-forward style can draw the attention of the daring bride especially.

Baby Wedding Shoes

Children can be often seen in weddings and many of them even play important roles in the ceremony.

Generally, the invitation etiquette allows kids to attend the wedding. But there are cases when the couple doesn’t want to invite small children at the event, and the reasons may vary from one situation to another.

Parents are very proud to show off their children in society and make a good impression around. This is why it’s a flattering idea to bring your kids to the wedding. But the difficulty occurs when it comes to dressing your children for the wedding.

Many moms and dads are still confused about the wedding dress code for the little ones. Is the formality of the wedding a good criteria for choosing the best attire for a little girl or boy?

In most cases, the character and style of the wedding, plus the venue and season are important considerations to take into account when selecting the most adequate wedding attire for babies.

It may seem easier to figure out the style of dress or suit for your baby, but what about the footwear?

This is our subject for today hopefully the info you will find here can be of help to you and your kids.

Baby Wedding Shoes

Weddings are formal events, no matter how small or ample they are. Everybody has this cleared out in their mind.

But the confusion makes its way as you start dressing your children for the wedding. Toddlers and junior children want comfortable clothing and shoes.

And it’s always advisable for parents to choose outfits that allow their kids to run around and have fun.

No matter how formal you have to dress them up, remember that they are still children. This means that the dress you choose for them must be age-appropriate and not to stiff or tight.

The comfortableness factor is the one that prevails when it comes to wedding attire for kids. Elegance is important, but one should not exaggerate and choose something too pompous for their kids.

The best wedding shoes for kids must be practical and comfy, while still being elegant. Your child must look dressy and stylish but never too extravagant.

It’s a must for boys to have perfectly clean looking shoes. This is the first aspect to take care of as a mom. Black dress shoes always work for dark suits and black tie affairs.

If the wedding occurs outdoors, like on a beach, you can choose casual clothing and flip flops for your boy.

Instead of sneakers, have your kid wearing leather shoes. Girls can wear gold or silver sandals with bows and ribbons for a more elegant wedding-like look. White silk or satin shoes are ideal for flower girls.

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