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Shopping Comfy Heels: Johnston And Murphy Style

So how do you find comfortable, stylish heels that won’t leave your feet aching or irritate those bunions? Sorting through hundreds of styles and heel heights can be a challenge.

Here are a few quick tips to consider when shopping for comfortable heels:

  • Shop for shoes later in the day when your feet may be slightly larger
  • Leave a little space between big toe and front of the shoe
  • Know your brands. Some brands are known for specializing in comfortable supportive shoes that are still stylish. You can read their reviews. But my favorite brand for heels is Johnston and Murphy Coupon.
  • Heel under the heel bone: we found a few experts online who say you should look for shoes where the high heel of the shoe sits directly under your heel bone and not at the back of your foot.

Specifics on what to look for in shoes to find comfortable heels

Orthotics and paddingIf you have problem in your feet, you need to consider the ability to add orthotics or additional padding to your heels. They can change or correct the angle or support your foot in the shoe. Arch support can be especially important in heels because the higher heel may already be changing the pressure on your foot. Johnston and Murphy coupon can arrange the support you need.

Insole Advice If I want to be able to wear an insole for my achy feet I’ll reach right in the heel I’m considering and see if I can pull out the insole, it comes with.

Toe Box You should also consider the toe box. According to experts, some pointy styles include a narrow toe box which could force the foot into an unnatural position, leading to painful steps or even Morton’s Neuronal. A narrow toe box may also squish the toes together and could make you less stable while walking.

Traction Look for shoes that have rubber bottoms or the grip you need based on how you will be wearing them.

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Foot size Understand your foot size. Do you typically need to go up a half size or down if shoes come in even sizes? Do you have wide feet? These can help rule out shoes for you to avoid.

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