Best and Most Comfortable Golf Shoes for Men & Women 2023

Searching For Best and Most Comfortable Golf Shoes for Men

Businesses usually know best – they test and they follow previous or best practise to refine their offer to the market…

But that’s not 100% and it’s still disappointing for Golf Shoes Blog to travel all the way to the East of London (though I enjoyed the speeed and convenience of both the Jubilee line and the Docklnds Light Railway) to find less than a handful of golf shoes at the show! Lots of clubs and lots of destinations but not many golf shoes.

Why did Callaway have such a big stand and no golf shoes? Ditto Nike and no golf shoes? How come Nevada Bob’s had just one pair of golf shoes (Hi-Tec)? T

o me it seems a waste not to have more golf shoes, for the space they would take up! Maybe it’s one of the failings of businesses and that it was right hand/left hand stuff between two departments? Who knows…

So what was there? And I will come back to each with a separate post…

dawgs boys spirit golf shoes[1] Dawgs Golf Shoes (and their other work and leisure shoes from whence they have evolved). Interesting – and Golf Shoes Blog is going to test drive them soon.

Possibly a shame that they just on show and weren’t actually for sale… maybe in the future… A review of the “world’s lightest golf shoes” to follow.

[2] Shoe M-G-K (ie magic) who were promoting their cleaner/restorer/conditioner for golf shoes (and other shoes). Again I’ll come back to this with a test drive.

[3] Geox golf shoes were he ones who first alerted me to the golf show but I didn’t manage to meet up with my contact… who I have now on the telephone. I’m going to get a pair to test drive – and apparently I can walk in 3 inches of water for two hours and they still won’t let water in. I’m not sure that I want to do that but the gist is that they’re mighty water proof – and come with a two year warranty.

What Are ECCO BIOM Golf Shoes?

ECCO Golf Shoes Add Golfer Jennifer Johnson
I only write this because I’m intrigued about what BIOM golf shoes are…

I’m miffed at ECCO because they send me all their puff and when I asked if they could send me a pair of their ladies’ golf shoes for my wife (so I could write great things about them no doubt) they never even replied to me. My wife wasn’t going to play golf in them but I needed an Xmas present desperately! “Zero points” ECCO!

Meanwhile some of the blurb (edited) from ECCO themselves… 19-Year-Old Star to Compete in New Golf Street, BIOM Golf Footwear
…the addition of Jennifer Johnson to the roster of elite staff players …its range of premium golf footwear featuring a unique blend of hand-crafted quality, comfort, performance and style.

Johnson will showcase the ECCO logo on her headwear and compete exclusively in the company’s online casino hacks new Golf Street and BIOM Golf models…. will also be featured in marketing initiatives supporting the 2011 ECCO golf shoe collection… turned professional in June after an outstanding amateur career that included finishing as low-amateur at the 2010 US Women’s Open

The blurb continues … BIOM Golf, the first-ever natural motion golf shoe, features a patented design that takes advantage of the foot’s system for absorbing impact while bringing players closer to the ground for unmatched feel and traction… Golf Street’s fashion leather types, subtle detailing and unique, super-gripping outsole make it a bright, funky and fun shoe for use both on and off the course.

Now, I’ve been away so I have some catching up to do and I will get the detail on these golf shoes and see if they are the new deal which I always hope for… Watch this space…

Here’s Another Golf Shoe Kindness To ECCO

I’m still reeling from the unkindness of ECCO in not sending me a pair of their ladies’ golf shoes last year. I’m still sore 12 months on…

ecco 109 crocodile golf shoeBut I like the look of these golf shoes ~ what ECCO call their “most exclusive offering, the Premium 109 collection” which is, they say, an unrivalled experience designed for those who seek the very best. Cost £2000

Now they do look good but can that price be right? I did draft this some months ago… (could I blame them for having 33 months off from golf shoes?) I need more independent info…

Meanwhile I’m good enough to quote HGH them… “This unique, numbered edition of rich, crocodile skin golf shoes is individually crafted and handmade-to-order by highly skilled artisans. Each of the 109 pairs to be produced is accompanied by a distinctive collector’s accessory package. This includes a crocodile leather luggage tag made from the exact same, hand-selected hides used to make the shoes (nice touch), a platinum plate with the player’s name and shoe edition number, cedar shoe trees and a gold-colored silk shoe bag. So maybe the price is right…

Now there was news about these a year ago… Did they sell all 109 pairs of these special golf shoes? I never got that press release… and they’re still on their site.

More From TRUE Linkswear Golf Shoes…

… remember the Ryan Moore connection…

TRUE Linkswear soon coming golf shoesDo you remember that we talked about Ryan Moore quite a lot on Golf Shoes Blog ~ at first for being “unbranded” and then for rather cleverly throwing in his lot with makers in which he got a share of the whole kaboodle. Clever boy… Then I also wrote about the TRUE Linkswear Golf Shoes and then I had an email from the CEO of the company offering me a pair to test when they’re ready…

He said… ” Hi… we only have a dozen or so pairs of shoes on the ground in the US – Ryan has most of them and a couple of other product testers – including yours truly – have the others. I will definitely keep you in touch (I paraphrase slightly) semenax online store and let you know when we have some more that can be sent out for review”.

So of course I was quite excited about seeing and reviewing a pair of these new and special golf shoes – for all the reasons mentioned in the introduction above and the fact that I admire Ryan Moore for this move. And the golf shoes look great.

TRUE Linksear CEO continued… “The shoes will not hit the market until the fall but Ryan wanted to wear the shoes so much that we let him because of the great feedback he will give us. We’re kind of doing things backwards but that is kind of how we roll.”

So where are the test golf shoes?! My socks are getting thin waiting…
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Adidas ClimaCool Flylite Golf Shoe

Adidas ClimaCool Flylite Ladies Golf ShoesNew To Me & Golf Shoes Blog – Too Late To Mention Them In Cold & Damp November?

I’m still catching up and getting the old draft news out from months ago… so this isn’t new to you but I like the look of these – at least the ladies styling. No details mens sexual experiences with volume pills but a picture of these light weight golf shoes (the clue’s in the name…)

I guess that you’d be waiting for next spring now to take these out for a clima-cool round

I can’t find prices so maybe they sold out/suspended stock till the spring. I must get up to date.

Paula Creamer Adidas Golf Shoes

Somebody Asked For Pretty Pink Golf Shoes Like Paula’s Before: Can I find their Comment So Many Months (Years?) Later…
This is part of the Paula Creamer designed (or inspired by) Signature golf shoe range at Adidas. But when you look to buy from the range, you just see the (boring) ordinary looking ones.

And I suspect (do I really want to Online Pokies wade through all the trademarked acronym components to check?) that the actual golf shoe spec is pretty much as you’d expect. But I would imagine that with the signature golf shoe range for Paula (and for Natalie) that the name and the association is quite significant along with the look and styling. Or else why would Adidas bother with the tie in?

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Another Golf Shoe Boot

hi tec DT thunder golf bootCan Anyone Make A More Ugly Golf Boot?
It’s the Hi Tec DT thunder golf boot. Perhaps it’s practicality over looks. It must be… because it’s not a looker is it.

Most Comfortable Golf Shoes

Key to the success of this (and Hi Tec must hope it’s a success or wall mail slots why bother?) is it’s waterproof upper & Dri-Tec waterproof membrane with a waterproof zip closure with Velcro tab. With MEVA sockliner & Rubber outsole

So why only 1 year waterproof guarantee?

More Golf Shoe Tech& Spec:
Swingdams, rollbar, Champ Stinger III cleats & Q-Lok receptacles, traction lugs.

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“Where Can I Get Nebuloni Golf Shoes?”

Nebuloni have a new site for their golf shoes. The reason I know is that someone wrote in to Golf Shoes Blog to ask where you can get these golf shoes and I thought surely the previous posts have a link. But that link is now dead (I’ve changed it on that post and it’s the correct one above.

At the site you can see thes lovely “California live sex cam shows” golf shoes for ladies and gents. There extra info there and images (including the golf shoe sole and spike choice – 11 spikes).

You can also view a CNN slot about the Milan golf shoemaker. These guys are making just 20 pairs a day at the most – so they’re not mass market. Thye’ve made them for 100 years as a family firm. There’s no sales outlets lsied for this reason (I think). So the way to get your Nebuloni golf shoes is to phone them or email: Tel +39.0331.559129 – [email protected]

Who’s Golf Shoes Is Arnold Palmer Wearing

Golf Shoes Blog Asked To Identify Golf Shoes…

most comfortable golf shoes

arnold palmer in unknown golf shoesWe just had the following email “Dear Tate, I don’t know if you have done this kind of thing in the past, but I recently saw a MasterCard commercial with Boo Weekly and Arnold Palmer (you couldn’t miss the spot it if you saw the US Open this past weekend). Arnold Palmer is wearing some really unique looking black and white golf shoes in the ad and I can’t seem to find them anywhere on the internet, or even identify what make they are”.

The ad/commercial is on You Tube if you missed it – some of us didn’t see the US torrington payday loan open – shame on our heads). At the moment we don’t know what golf shoes they are either but will have a look around. First thoughts [1] they’re not golf shoes as such, or [2] they’re made especially for AP and we’ll never know or maybe [3] they’re unusual or older Michael Toschi golf shoes – as their golf shoes most have this look, shape-wise – or similar make of old…

Arnold Palmer has associations with Callaway, but I don’t think that includes golf shoes (Callaway don’t seem to include their own golf shoes – either on their main websites or at trade/golf shows). None of thier golf shoes look quite like this.

We’re still thinking…

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