Best Selling Slippers 2023

Best Selling Slippers

Buying slippers? The best online shopping apps have new designs and colours. We help you buy the right pair.

Of all the items in fashion that are unobtrusively important, footwear ranks amongst the highest. What you wear on your feet is most important, but it should also be comfortable. The one item of footwear combining both style and comfort, is slippers.

Why wear slippers?

When there are so many options in footwear already available, why do you naturally gravitate towards slippers?

It’s because they are fuss-free and comfortable, for the most part. Most of them, especially big brands like Adidas slippers, require minimal maintenance. Just wear them and get going.

Since they are open from all sides, they allow the skin to breathe and the foot to move naturally without any constriction.

Slippers are the only footwear that won’t cause shoe bites if they are a size too small, or let your foot slip out if they are a size too large. But the more properly fitted the slipper is to your foot, the more comfortable you will feel.

Slippers can also be worn all throughout the year, but especially in the hot summer months when your feet are in danger of getting really sweaty and clammy. The open nature of the slippers helps sweat dry rapidly, keeping your feet dry and comfortable.

How to buy slippers online

Buying slippers online is easy. Open the Jabong shopping app and look under ‘Footwear’ for men or women. Under this category, you will find the term ‘Slippers’. Click on it.

* Decide the colour. Slippers are largely casual wear, so there really is no restriction on which colour you choose. You can always choose safe colours like black, grey or white. However, there is a lot of fun in picking and wearing colours like turquoise, red, hot pink and sunshine yellow. These colours add an element of quirk to your ensemble.

* Decide on the kind of sole you want. Any kind of slippers with good straps will do for the summer. But if you are picking slippers for the monsoon, then you need a strong, anti-slip sole. Look for ridged soles with high end brands like Adidas slippers. Ridged, thick soles offer an anti-slide cushion against rough, unwieldy terrain. Let the underfoot surface be a quick drying one like rubber or plastic overlay – materials like canvas will not dry quickly when wet, resulting in skin infections and clamminess.

* Decide on the price. A good shopping app like Jabong makes the process of picking slippers really easy. It lets you set filters on the money you want to spend, the brands you prefer and also the colours and sizes. This speeds up the shopping process considerably.


* Check the size before buying. Before you proceed to pay for the gorgeous new pair of Adidas slippers you bought online, do check its size correctly. If you are not sure about the size, measure your foot lengthwise and then compare it with the size guide provided on the app.

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