Best Selling Over The Knee Boots 2023

Over the knee boots: this is how they should be worn

This year, too, women simply cannot avoid overknee boots. Because these shoe models are simply an absolute must this season.

But one thing is perhaps a little different than in previous years. Because the overknee boots, which can also be ordered from Högl, for example, shine in many different versions this year.

There are the elegant models with high heels and then also the flatter models in suede, which ensure a casual appearance.

But also buckles and rivets should not be missing from the overknees in 2014. This is why these fashionable highlights are also used on one or the other boot.

Furthermore, there are some models among these boots that can score with such a good treaded sole. This sole will more than pay off, especially in winter.

At the latest when snow and ice make their way into the country and the walk becomes rather unsafe.

When it comes to color, there are no wishes that remain open when it comes to overknees. Whether the classic black or rather the different shades of brown. It is certainly not an easy decision for women.

Once the shoe has been bought, the next questions come up. Because how should an overknee boot actually be worn?

Once the shoe has been bought, the next questions come up. Because how should an overknee boot actually be worn? Once the shoe has been bought, the next questions come up. Because how should an overknee boot actually be worn?

Over the knee boots: wearing them properly is crucial

Correct wearing is really of crucial importance with an overknee. Because it can look cheap or vulgar very quickly.

Therefore, ladies: be careful! There’s a fine line between being elegant and sloppy with an overknee. Above all, the outfit plays a very important role. If you want to wear a mini with your overknee, in the form of a skirt, dress or shorts, you should make sure that the top is good.

So it shouldn’t be too flashy, but rather kept simple. Cardigans, blouses and sweaters, among other things, can be chosen.

If, on the other hand, you would like to wear something knee-length with your overknees, you can allow yourself a deeper cleavage in this. Tunic dresses, boyfriend blazers, casual shirts or long blouses and leggings are also very suitable.

The trousers should always be narrow so that the overknee boot can develop its full effect. Jeggings, leggings or skin-tight skinny jeans are primarily suitable for this.

Conventional jeans are NEVER worn with an overknee. But it must never be too tight either. So, the outfit! Short shorts that are too short or hot pants with an overknee do not look elegant, but rather go into the opposite direction.

This is how the over the knee boots works best

The entire outfit should be kept rather simple if a woman wants to wear an overknee. Gathers or a wild mix of patterns should not be worn with these shoes. In addition, the outfit should always flatter your own figure.

Just to please someone else, a woman shouldn’t force herself into an outfit that she doesn’t like. With the right outfit, overknees also lose their bad reputation very quickly and become an indispensable highlight this year. And probably no woman wants to do without that.

Always the right shoes

Shoes are a great thing. And the more shoes a woman has, the more her well-being is increased. However, many shoes can also present a minor difficulty. Because women don’t always know exactly which shoes should be worn for which occasion or which outfit. 

And admittedly, the large selection in the Högl collections doesn’t make the decision that much easier. Because here, too, you will always find one or the other model that is simply missing in the shoe cabinet of women. 

But let’s get back to our little problem for now. Namely that because of all the shoes we no longer know which model to wear.

Your own look is decisive for your well-being

Above all, it is always important that you also feel comfortable in your outfit. Otherwise, your own demeanor always suffers from this condition. 

Because those who simply cannot feel comfortable in an outfit are also clearly showing themselves to the outside world. And that in turn is often perceived as an uncertainty, especially by the environment. Accordingly, you should always dress in such a way that you can feel good yourself

Which look would you like for Nikolaus?

Of course, there are now very different looks that can really be worn in a variety of ways. In addition, of course, it always plays a role for which occasion the look is to be worn. 

Whether for the job, for leisure or for a special occasion. Should the look be more sophisticated, cool chic or rocky. The shoes should then be chosen according to the answer. 

To opt for a stark contrast here would certainly not be a good way. Of course, it also plays a role in what context the look should be worn with the shoes.

Always beautiful for the occasion

For example, if you are looking for shoes for everyday work and, among other things, work in an office, where etiquette is also important, you should definitely look for a classic shoe. 

On the other hand, advertising agencies or other creative professions take it completely different and perhaps a little more relaxed. Even at a special event, you should be a little more reserved with your shoes. The black pumps are definitely always a good idea.

If you still need the right shoes for a special occasion or just don’t have enough choice in your own shoe cabinet, then the Högl collection can certainly make a valuable contribution. 

Because these shoes are really made for every occasion and you will always find the right model here. It doesn’t matter whether you’re going to work or a party. Just browse through the shop. 

Which boot should I wear?

Sure, autumn is the right time of year to finally dig all those boots out of the closet. But you have certainly asked yourself whether the boots that you have in your shoe closet at home really suit you. 

Because not every woman can wear every boot or boot. Because the boot itself should not only fit the wearer, but also the leg. It might sound a little complicated, but actually it isn’t really.

First the clothes, then the boots

Before we choose a boot that we can wear, we first have to decide on the right outfit. Because clothing plays an important role when it comes to finding the right boots. 

For example, knee-high boots are chosen for knee-length skirts. It looks a little different with long skirts or pants. Woman should use ankle boots. While overknees or very high boots can be worn with mini skirts. 

So now we know that the outfit is one of the deciding factors in which boots we wear. But what about your own boots? Do you know which models would suit you best? Then it is time!

The different types of heels

There are not only different boots, but also different heels. Just like the stiletto heels. These should mainly be carried by delicate legs and slim calves. 

Women who have very thin legs should really make sure that they also wear delicate heels. But of course these heels also have a small disadvantage. Because running is not always easy and can take a little practice. Still, it’s worth practicing. Because once you can do it, you will be rewarded with a very elegant course.

Alternatively, women can of course also opt for the block heels. These are also suitable for stronger calves. In addition, stronger legs are perfectly complimented and they appear narrower. 

Due to their widespread use, block heels can be found in many shoes today and in this way also ensure a safe walk. But shoes with a block heel don’t have to look less elegant. But on the contrary. Here elegance and comfort are combined in a very beautiful way.

The wedge heels are also very popular with women. These can also be worn by all leg types. If you are a little more delicate, you should make sure to choose a narrow wedge. But wedge heels are not to everyone’s taste.

But maybe the platform soles. These stretch and help even smaller women to reach a comfortable height. A plateau is a thick sole that is located under the forefoot.

If you still haven’t found the right paragraph for yourself, maybe now will. Because even the flat heels can be very lovely. The main focus here is on convenience. Women’s boots with a flat heel should mainly be worn by tall women with slim legs.

over the knee boots

Finding the right boot is not easy. That’s why we’re going to continue with the topic. Because there are still a few points to consider so that you too have the right shoe on your feet in the future.

The shaft height is also decisive

In addition to the heel, the shaft height naturally also plays an important role when it comes to finding the right boot for yourself.

Vans, for example, have an ankle-high shaft. However, if you rely on this shaft height, you have to be very careful with the combination. Pants and ankle-length skirts can be worn with these shoes. 

If you want to wear shoes with ankle-high shafts but also with short skirts, you should have a slim figure. Because it may well be that the hidden ankles make the legs look a little stronger. And that’s exactly what we women don’t want, right?

On the other hand, it looks completely different with shoes with a shaft height of half a calf. Anyone who opts for these boots should remember that the legs are also visually shortened. 

Therefore, these boots should only be worn by women with long legs. Women who are not that tall should prefer a higher or lower shaft height. When buying, you should always make sure that the shaft is not too tight. But it mustn’t stick out too far either. In this way, the optimal wearing comfort can be achieved.

But there are two other options to find the right shaft. On the one hand the knee-high shaft. So that the leg looks nice and slim with these boots, the shaft should fit snugly. By the way, this also applies to thin legs. 

If the shaft is too wide, you can quickly get the feeling that you are wearing a boot that is too big. And this is exactly what is optically not exactly beautiful. Ladies with very thin legs should use stretch variants. Because these are good. 

Other boots are also suitable for strong calves. If you want to do it right, however, opt for boots with adjustable buckles or rubber inserts. These can then be varied, for example, if the boots are to be worn over jeans or leggings.

The last option for women is the overknee boot. These are really trendy right now and always promise an erotic look. These boots can be worn by all leg types. If you have strong legs, however, we recommend the stretch variants again. 

Everything else could look a little too compact. But if you are a woman who is only very small, you should keep your hands off your overknees. Because these can also visually shorten the legs.

Finding the right boots should no longer be a problem for you. At ShoesEmart you will find a large selection of different boot models. 

The weather in autumn is not always ideal for walking around with high heels. The risk of slipping is extremely high. 

That’s why the current trend is just right. Flat shoes are also a must this fall. Classic men’s shoes, such as Budapest or Chelsea boots, are also becoming increasingly popular among women. 

Practical fashion trends are more in demand this fall than ever. If you like it a little more comfortable, you can simply opt for sneakers. 

These have not only become suitable for everyday use, but are also often worn in combination with a silk dress. Fall is the ideal time for a casual look with flat shoes. Maxi and midi dresses also go perfectly with this look.

Shoes – the great love of many women

Women love shoes! This is a fact and can hardly be denied. There are only a few women in this world who cannot get excited about a new pair of shoes. 

There is also a very special reason for this. Because shoes always fit! It doesn’t matter whether we have gained or lost weight. 

Nothing will ever change in a woman’s shoe size. And so it is not uncommon for shoes to become the most important companions in a woman’s life. 

With shoes, women can not only go through life, but also experience the most important and formative events. For example, the best high heels are worn on a date, while the shopping marathon in summer is usually done with comfortable ballerinas. 

Autumn and winter are then the perfect times of the year when the numerous boots can finally be worn again.

over the knee boots

Every woman needs shoes

Shoes are an important fashion accessory today. But for many they are much more. Shoes can also become a real way of life. 

And it is not uncommon for women to spend a small fortune on shoes. High heels are still at the top of the list of favorite shoes in women and men. 

Incidentally, the highest high heel measures 20 cm and can be found in England. Anyone who can walk on this paragraph should rightly be called a high heel queen. 

Nevertheless, shoes are always an expression of your own personality. While one lady only moves around in high heels, another is more likely to have the chucks, which are part of everyday life. The shoes can be as different as the women.

Women follow trends

In the area of ​​shoes, too, trends play a very important role for most women. After all, women want to know what is worn today. Even if it’s the feet. 

Today shoes are more than just useful in order not to have to walk barefoot. Because with shoes, an outfit becomes a real outfit. This is the reason why women love to combine them with shoes. 

What men do not understand or simply do not want to understand is the fact that shoes in different designs and, above all, colors belong in a woman’s shoe closet.

Women value quality

In order for shoes to last a long time and to be able to be worn by women in different situations, they should also be of high quality. 

That is why women in most cases rely on high-quality brand shoes. Högl has been offering different shoe models for many years with which women can always cut a good figure. 

Because Högl, as a manufacturer of branded shoes, is not only characterized by its multifaceted range, but also by the enormous and above all consistent quality. Högl set accents and trends and this is exactly a very important factor for women.

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